Monday, August 30, 2004

RNC day one: Republican Hotties

Contrary to what I thought, my press pass provided only limited access to the convention. wahhh. However, today, I attended a party in honor of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who will certainly be a presidential canidate in 2008.
There, at this republican mucky-mucky party, I met all sorts of interesting people such as lobbyist and Young Republicans.
There I was told, although I divulged none of my political leanings, that I am a democrat. How do they know?
I was polite, I was very nice and had a lot of fun. I chatted with everybody. What is it?
The Republican girls my age there were all so hot and put together. Their high lighted hair was tied back into perfectly combed ponytails and their linen capri pant fit perfectly, not too tight, but just fitted enough to suggest a hint of sexuality. Their Tiffany's jewlery glittered against the dim lighting in the USS Intrepid.
Then, I looked up and I recognized Massachusets lt. gov. Kerry Healy. She too has this hot republican girl air about her. She was flanked by the honorable Mitt, how dashing was he. They make the perfect Ken and Barbie pair.
I met Kerry Healey almost a year ago for a story I was covering. She is very pleasent, by the way.

Soon the swing band began to go into that famous swing song: dun, dun, dun, dah, nah--whatever that song is, and two amazingly gorgous people took to the floor. The girl, Leigh from new York is teeny tiny and works for the governemnt as a lawyer> The guy, whose name escapes me could have seduced me right there, he was from Texas and an amazing dancer. Their silky grey suits practically matched. He was about to pick her up and flip her, but she squealed, so he put her down and moosied over to my area and told me he works on "The Hill." Oh my. So we chatted and he got me a beer and then his friend accused me of being a democrat and they soon scampered away. So there I was, holding my Amstel light, pondering this hot young republican phenomenon. I have some ideas about it. Why they are hot and all that. Does anyone else. I think this could be an extremely profittable journalistic endevor.

Sorry about the spelling errors.


Blogger Jim Higdon said...


I could hook you up with the Princeton chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. They all seem hot, dumb, and rich. The "gentleman's C" crowd.

hey, i'll trade you credentials for a day. maybe tomorrow or wednesday. i think we could even change credentials for only part of the night, switch back and forth. there are other people at the convention too. i bumped into someone from my section as i was leaving tonight. oh, and i bumped into michael moore again. i asked him if he felt like a whore in church, but he didn't respond.

call me if you want: 917 825 3113

August 31, 2004 at 1:39 AM  
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