Saturday, August 28, 2004

RNC: Exodus Edition

OK, New York is now officially deserted. A cursory survey of midtown bars Friday night suggests that everyone who is not a delegate, hack, freak, or terrorist has gotten the hell out of Dodge. Now let the games begin.

Wonkette helpfully provides a list of RNC parties J-School students should crash. First and formemost should by the Media Welcome Party at the Time Warner Center tonight.

Anyone looking for a protest story might want to check out the Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective. Their goal is to ameliorate "
the deadly concentrations of greed and hatred accumulating in midtown Manhattan during the Republican National Convention."

The Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective will be working to reduce this threat through the prophylactic use of our Cloudbusters – with the proper redirection of atmospheric Orgone Energy, it may be possible to fully dissipate the cloud of evil hanging over the city. Our September 2nd Orgone operations will begin at approximately 6 P.M. and continue until midnight, from one or more undisclosed locations along the Brooklyn waterfront.
In other news, just in case anyone thought that Howell Raines has spent his "retirement" fishing and doing arts and crafts, Raines shows that the wheels have been turning in Pocono Summit, Pa. Glad to see you're still "flooding the zone" Howell, if only now for the Washington Post. Oh, and speaking of the NYT, sounds like Bill Keller decided not to let Michiko Kakutani defect to the LA Times. Probably a good idea.

Have fun out there everybody -- if you get arrested, just say: "Yo -- your boss at DCPI went to Columbia Journalism School -- get me outta here!"


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