Friday, August 27, 2004

Welcome to New York City

Or, Things to think about whilst contemplating direct action against the Plaza. An adaption of, and homage to, David Carr

Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard: "We will plunk down our garment bags in their hopelessly trendy hotels, standing out like Good Humor men in our summer-weight khaki suits while all those hipster squirrels scramble for our tips."

James Carville: "Just about anybody in the Washington contingent is up here 10 or 12 times a year," he said. "They are on the shuttle all the time. When you're here, people stay up later, talk louder and eat more. Everybody likes to have fun."

Steve Millington, general manager at Michael's in midtown: "I think a third of my clientele will be gone on purpose," he said. "I'm terrified to say it, but I don't expect much business. We are really, really hoping that the Republicans will search outside their little Olympic village for a fine dining experience. We like customers from all sides."

Tina Brown: “In Washington the A list is really just the cabinet and people in the White House. In New York you can be on the A list because you are a looker or you are in the media or you are in the entertainment business. It is much more dispersed." Perhaps, Ms. Brown said, "it will all be one big beautiful love fest…There is something to be said for sharing a glass of wine or a dinner with someone you think you don't like very much.”


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