Thursday, October 28, 2004

EM: Fuck Bush, For Our Future's Sake

Well he's done it.

Eminem - the brilliant lightning rod rapper famous for confounding industry convention has unleashed a cultural missile in the form of the most overtly political music video in recent memory. And he's aimed this weapon of Mr. Bush's defeat squarely at the President himself.

"Mosh" is an angry, powerful, original, self-aggrandizing, inspiring and darkly hopeful piece of political propaganda ostensibly directed at young urban voters but more subtly intended as a mass rallying call to suburban dissaffecteds.

The video is the number 1 song on MTV.

Deploying his signature dark lyrical genius against a slowed-down, almost dirge-like hip-hop marching beat, Em alternately condemns Bush's policies including the Iraq war and the tax cuts, and exhorts voters to "swarm" the polls.

Bloggers respond and dissect:

I felt this powerful sense that I had just seen something calibrated exactly for this moment, something hopeful and disturbing and honest...something spoken from the crux of this hour in our history and yet resolutely looking forward. Mosh is political art that, at the same time, speaks in an authentic and specific voice. It is art that seems to bear a power to unleash something new.
Can you feel it?


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