Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Gawker Gets Its Groove Back

Finally, Gawker gets back to doing what it does best, skewering media bullshit. Thanks Gawker!

From the Wall Street Journal corrections page:

News Corp.'S Fox News was incorrectly described in a page-one article Monday as being sympathetic to the Bush cause.

It's amazing what a bunch of lawyers can get you to print, eh? Especially considering:

News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch denies his Fox News Channel is biased towards US President George W. Bush but says his newspapers will continue to back Republican foreign policy.

Corrections And Amplifications [WSJ]
Murdoch Denies Fox Bias In US Political Coverage, Backs Bush Foreign Policy [AFP]

Hold up, wait a second. What's that? Yeah well, it was nice while it lasted - back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Well, Brooklyn is officially near death. CBS executives are considering a new series called Cobble Hill which is "described as an hour-long version of Friends." Will the Hollywood hell machine ever quit churning through New York? Hipsters looking for refuge might as well move to fucking Yonkers.
'Cobble Hill' TV [NYP via Curbed]

Sacrebleu! Not the Hollywood Hell Machine! And Brooklyn officially near death? Not again!?! That's some awesomeness, Gawkee.

I miss Elizabeth Spiers.


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