Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Moment to Remember

We had to go on police ride-a-longs last night. Mine was rather uneventful. We were asked to send around via email something memorable from the night.

Sarmad, our student from Baghdad had this experience:

As I , Channing and two policemen from the 76th Precinct approached a group of people who were apparently spending the weekend near Red Hook Park in Brooklyn, the two policemen and Channing started to laugh at two "ostensibly women" who were buying some food , but i did not realize why they were laughing at them. The "women"seem to me nice and they were beautiful as well. I , myself , admired one of them. The first thought that occurred to me that these "women" might be prostitutes that is why they laughed at them. I felt curious to ask them about the reason why they started laughing when they saw these "women", they said these are transsexuals and they are "originally men" who had passed through some surgeries and transplants to become women. I was dumbfounded to hear that ! I have not ,in all my life, seen such cases of transsexuality." But look at them .They look like women with breasts and ..." I insisted . "Yes, but they're men." the policemen and Channing replied. After spending some hours in the police car, i started to recover from the shock. Anyhow, soon later i am still really not 100% sure to tell whether a "woman" or a "man" this time stopped the police car to tease one of the policemen, and "she" or might be "he" passed a sextual remark to the policeman and i could not but ask Channing whether this was really a woman or again she might be a transsextual. Channing just laughed wholeheartedly , but still i need to check whetehr 'the person' we met was a woman or a man. I may need to visit a psychiatrist after graduation as i 've staretd to lose my ability to distinguish men from women, which is a bad sign!



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