Wednesday, November 10, 2004

[War] Much More Scary...

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It should hardly be surprising that Bush held out as long as he did before the inevitable siege of Falluja.

Washington Post: 10 Americans Dead.
Wong: Sunnis leave government over Falluja assault.
Reuters, Dexter:

FALLUJA, Iraq, Wednesday, Nov. 10 - After two days of street-to-street fighting, the American-led assault on Falluja had wrested at least a third of the city from insurgents on Tuesday, capturing the mayor's office, two mosques, a commercial center and other major objectives in the heart of the downtown and advancing past the main highway through the city.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Arafat's wife has gone nuts, and it's not clear if the poor guy has knocked off or not. CNN just said that Arafat never made a will, but that's a little unclear. Bottom line is no one really knows where his millions are, nor what is going to happen to the Palestinian Authority now that he is gone.

Meanwhile, Theo Van Gogh, a distant relative of Vincent and agent provocateur, was mourned after he was murdered by an Islamic assassin, because Van Gogh made a film critical of Islam. BBC reports that even moderate Dutch Muslims are feeling the reaction - another example of the Europe's quiet demographic revolution.

Item: Christopher Hitchens has hysterically pleaded his fealty to the Bush administration and gloatingly protested too much against liberal bitterness at Bush's victory. You unhappy man.

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg bitched out the MTA on its new proposed fare hike (was it just lip service?) and it looks like Guy "Do Not Pass Go" Vellela might very well be going back to jail.

So now, national politics aside, its time to get back to work. I wish I had any inspiring words other than Fuck You, Let's Get This Shit On.


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