Tuesday, August 31, 2004

For those of us not from NYC

Check today's Op-Ed page:

A Manhattan Admonition

Cops Put Brakes on Bike Protest

I had a piece in today's edition of Wired News:

Cops Put Brakes on Bike Protest

Presidential Battlefield Update

AP: NEW YORK – President Bush has gained ground on Democrat John Kerry in the month of August because of "relatively small but unmistakable" shifts in the political environment, Democratic strategists said in a memo released Monday.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

RNC day one: Republican Hotties

Contrary to what I thought, my press pass provided only limited access to the convention. wahhh. However, today, I attended a party in honor of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who will certainly be a presidential canidate in 2008.
There, at this republican mucky-mucky party, I met all sorts of interesting people such as lobbyist and Young Republicans.
There I was told, although I divulged none of my political leanings, that I am a democrat. How do they know?
I was polite, I was very nice and had a lot of fun. I chatted with everybody. What is it?
The Republican girls my age there were all so hot and put together. Their high lighted hair was tied back into perfectly combed ponytails and their linen capri pant fit perfectly, not too tight, but just fitted enough to suggest a hint of sexuality. Their Tiffany's jewlery glittered against the dim lighting in the USS Intrepid.
Then, I looked up and I recognized Massachusets lt. gov. Kerry Healy. She too has this hot republican girl air about her. She was flanked by the honorable Mitt, how dashing was he. They make the perfect Ken and Barbie pair.
I met Kerry Healey almost a year ago for a story I was covering. She is very pleasent, by the way.

Soon the swing band began to go into that famous swing song: dun, dun, dun, dah, nah--whatever that song is, and two amazingly gorgous people took to the floor. The girl, Leigh from new York is teeny tiny and works for the governemnt as a lawyer> The guy, whose name escapes me could have seduced me right there, he was from Texas and an amazing dancer. Their silky grey suits practically matched. He was about to pick her up and flip her, but she squealed, so he put her down and moosied over to my area and told me he works on "The Hill." Oh my. So we chatted and he got me a beer and then his friend accused me of being a democrat and they soon scampered away. So there I was, holding my Amstel light, pondering this hot young republican phenomenon. I have some ideas about it. Why they are hot and all that. Does anyone else. I think this could be an extremely profittable journalistic endevor.

Sorry about the spelling errors.

Party with Momma Jones

Personally, I think this sounds like a rousing good time. Anyone want to go worship at the alter of Janeane Garofalo with me for $35 on Saturday?

A Boring Note

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Jschool05.blogspot.com is not a part of any university, nor does it represent any university; nor is it responsible for the statements or policies of any administrator, faculty member, or staff member of any institution, educational or otherwise; nor does the website endorse any political party or ideological orientation. This website exists as an independent educational tool for journalism students -- an informational clearinghouse, discussion forum, and venue for students to showcase their work. Fun is not prohibited. The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors and no other person, organization, institution or entity.

Beyond Terror Threat

Theresa Bradley got her POS story on ABC News:

Beyond Terror Threat

ledger story 8/30

Here is what I worte for the Patriort Ledger. I liked it and was glad to show an otherwise conservative community that there some of their neighbors are so dissatisfied with Bush that they were willing to stick out an arduous march on a sweltering day. This story ran on page one, not becasue it was so good, but becasue we never have copy for Monday. I used interviews with South Shore marchers and police as well as AP wire stories for all my info.

Throngs flock to NYC for anti-war march: South Shore residents hit the streets in protest

For The Patriot Ledger

NEW YORK - Linda Jacobs is so dismayed by the war in Iraq and the lagging economy that she decided to take to the streets to voice her dissatisfaction.

The 56-year-old unemployed information technology technician left her home in Halifax before the sun came up yesterday to go to Providence and take the four-hour bus trip to New York City. She joined hundreds of thousands of protesters there on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

‘‘Everyone has to wake up,'' said Jacobs, a member of Bridgewater-based Citizens for an Informed Community. ‘‘My fear is that the mainstream just dismisses this. One of the reasons we're all here is to call attention.''

New York City police made more than 200 arrests yesterday during the protest march, organized by the anti-war group United for Peace and Justice.

Police, wearing riot gear and carrying clubs, were out in droves for the march, which snaked its way up Seventh Avenue, turned in front of Madison Square Garden - the site of the convention - and finished at Union Square. There were no reports of serious violence, but police said one person was arrested on 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue for arson after allegedly setting a papier-mâché dragon on fire.

On Friday, 264 cyclists were arrested for disorderly conduct during a bicycle protest and 25 more people were arrested Saturday. Last month, during the Democratic National Convention in Boston, police arrested four throughout the convention.

For all the speculation about anarchist threats and violent civil disobedience, the diverse, 2-mile-long line of demonstrators yesterday moved along at an extremely slow pace and in relative harmony.

‘‘It was the slowest-moving march we've been involved in,'' said David Smith of Milton, who attended the demonstration with his wife and two sons. ‘‘It took us an hour and a half to move three blocks.''

Young Communists danced and chanted alongside grandmothers and grandfathers. Some marchers hoisted up signs reading: ‘‘Say no to the Bush Agenda'' and ‘‘Bush Lies. Who Dies?'' Others carried makeshift cardboard coffins, representing American soldiers killed in the Iraq war.

Organizers estimated the crowd at 500,000, double the number they had predicted. Police offered no official estimate.

Despite the sweltering 85-degree heat and the crowds, Smith, 60, an English teacher at Milton Academy and member of Milton for Peace, said the march was worth it.

‘‘You have to show up for these things. It was wonderful to see everybody there ...the variety of signs,'' he said.

Frances Jefferies of Bridgewater brought her 9-year-old grandson, Alexander Lamie, to the march.

He held a sign that read: ‘‘Kids care. We're aware. Don't mess with us, we'll be president someday.''

Jefferies, director of the office of grants and special projects at Bridgewater State College, said she helped begin Citizens for an Informed Community to oppose the war in Iraq. Now, she and her fellow members have turned their sights to ousting President Bush. Reluctantly, she said, she will throw her support behind Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic challenger.

‘‘We will vote for Kerry not out of choice, but as a vote against Bush,'' Jefferies said. ‘‘I don't have a strong sense of (Kerry's) leadership.''

Smith also was protesting to express his dissatisfaction with an administration that ‘‘has done nothing that I agree with.''

Carolyn Nikhal, of Jamaica Plain, marched happily through the streets wearing a red, white and blue hat and a ‘‘No Blood for Oil'' T-shirt.

‘‘I'm here for me. I don't want this kind of world,'' said Nikhal, 58, a psychotherapist.

She said President Bush's domestic, social and foreign policy frightens her. ‘‘I just felt like it's important for everyone to turn out. It's not just this war. It's the endless war he has planned.''

Copyright 2004 The Patriot Ledger
Transmitted Monday, August 30, 2004

They’re here, they're dear, get used to it.

The "Billionares For Bush" are three for three at the RNC, having completed their Million Billionaire march, Billionaire croquet match and finally their assault on midtown this afternoon, where they might have had their finest hour – full billionaire regalia at the center of the universe – Times Square.

Posing under the big florescent frontispiece of the “W” hotel in Times Square, they looked like a bunch of ’30’s cartoon characters.

After a successful jaunt down from the Plaza in the morning, the moguls, all liberal activists in real life, convened at the center of Manhattan at the heart of the theater district on Sunday to urge voters to reject John Kerry’s policy of “pandering to the special interests of ordinary Americans.”

The billionaires were in their element.

Dressed in tuxedos, top hats and ball gowns, and waving signs that read “Four More Wars,” and “More Yachts, Less Have-Nots,” they made their presence felt through a brief, targeted direct action at Times Square .

“Billionaires For Bush” is a loose, horizontally aligned group of activists, whose shtick consists of a tongue in cheek street theater performance in which they assume the garb and manner of rich snobs, in order to satirize what President Bush once famously described as his base – the elite.

“We take the Bush administration to its logical conclusion,” said George Weis, a k a, Hal E. Burton. Weis, a 46-year-old computer programmer from Sacramento, Ca, said that the Billionaires show that “you can make a statement and also have fun with it.” The group originated as an offshoot of United For a Fair Economy, an advocacy group that calls for greater economic equality.

“It’s ridiculous and so much fun to do,” said Victoria Olson, a massage therapist who lives on the Lower East Side and described herself as of “a certain age.” Olson, a k a “Fonda Sterling,” has been with group since January and said that her primary focus is organizing the “Bling-Bling Ka-Ching Singers,” who perform original songs with such titles as “It’s a Jobless Recovery.”

Douglas Hart, a sound engineer who lives in Brooklyn and goes by the name “Avaricious B. Trickledown” said that he was drawn to the “guerilla theater” aspect of the group. Hart, who bore more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Monopoly, the mascot of the board game, said that he had cobbled together his tuxedo and top-hat for about $70 by going to thrift-stores and hunting around online.

As the group strutted around Times Square hailing each other and uttering such pronouncements as, “George Bush knows that no lobbyist should have to ask twice,” a group of helmeted riot police kept a watchful eye from across the street. But Hart wasn’t worried. “Cops aren’t going to arrest us,” he said, as he took an imaginary puff from a foot-long fake cigar. “It would look really bad to arrest a guy in a top-hat.”

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Celebrity Convention Players

Disclaimer: There are no cool links with this posting. It's just my rant.

I'm sitting here watching "Hardball with Chris Matthews" and actor Ron Silver is one of three commentators. Sure, he plays a great political strategist on "The West Wing," but don't tell me the folks over at MSNBC couldn't find anyone else who supports the war in Iraq to appear on the show. Remember Glenn Close's cameo at the DNC? I believe there is a place for celebrities in politics. They can add high-profile support for candidates and issues, so why not use them? But I stop short of supporting this recent trend of lending serious air time to them when the city is teeming with key political heavy weights. For me, it lowers the caliber of these shows when hosts like Chris Matthews and Larry King toss fluffy questions at celebrity guests with mocking severity and feigned interest. They don't seem to care; I sure as hell don't care. Anyone else irritated?


Slate.com may appeal to some, but I recommend a daily dose of Romenesko. Just read over his media column and I think you'll all be immediately interested. Most editors and journalists whom I know check into this site daily.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

RNC: Exodus Edition

OK, New York is now officially deserted. A cursory survey of midtown bars Friday night suggests that everyone who is not a delegate, hack, freak, or terrorist has gotten the hell out of Dodge. Now let the games begin.

Wonkette helpfully provides a list of RNC parties J-School students should crash. First and formemost should by the Media Welcome Party at the Time Warner Center tonight.

Anyone looking for a protest story might want to check out the Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective. Their goal is to ameliorate "
the deadly concentrations of greed and hatred accumulating in midtown Manhattan during the Republican National Convention."

The Brooklyn Orgastic Politics Collective will be working to reduce this threat through the prophylactic use of our Cloudbusters – with the proper redirection of atmospheric Orgone Energy, it may be possible to fully dissipate the cloud of evil hanging over the city. Our September 2nd Orgone operations will begin at approximately 6 P.M. and continue until midnight, from one or more undisclosed locations along the Brooklyn waterfront.
In other news, just in case anyone thought that Howell Raines has spent his "retirement" fishing and doing arts and crafts, Raines shows that the wheels have been turning in Pocono Summit, Pa. Glad to see you're still "flooding the zone" Howell, if only now for the Washington Post. Oh, and speaking of the NYT, sounds like Bill Keller decided not to let Michiko Kakutani defect to the LA Times. Probably a good idea.

Have fun out there everybody -- if you get arrested, just say: "Yo -- your boss at DCPI went to Columbia Journalism School -- get me outta here!"

Friday, August 27, 2004

Welcome to New York City

Or, Things to think about whilst contemplating direct action against the Plaza. An adaption of, and homage to, David Carr

Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard: "We will plunk down our garment bags in their hopelessly trendy hotels, standing out like Good Humor men in our summer-weight khaki suits while all those hipster squirrels scramble for our tips."

James Carville: "Just about anybody in the Washington contingent is up here 10 or 12 times a year," he said. "They are on the shuttle all the time. When you're here, people stay up later, talk louder and eat more. Everybody likes to have fun."

Steve Millington, general manager at Michael's in midtown: "I think a third of my clientele will be gone on purpose," he said. "I'm terrified to say it, but I don't expect much business. We are really, really hoping that the Republicans will search outside their little Olympic village for a fine dining experience. We like customers from all sides."

Tina Brown: “In Washington the A list is really just the cabinet and people in the White House. In New York you can be on the A list because you are a looker or you are in the media or you are in the entertainment business. It is much more dispersed." Perhaps, Ms. Brown said, "it will all be one big beautiful love fest…There is something to be said for sharing a glass of wine or a dinner with someone you think you don't like very much.”

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jack Shafer

Cyrus live-blogged that wild and crazy Murdoch-lovin' Shafer.

Why Yes, Sree, I Am Blogging This

11:00 - Cats don't like men with beards.

11:03 - MEGO. My ears are glazing over Sree.

11:04 - Sree doesn't like martinlutherking.org. I don't like stormfront.org.

11:08 - Children, do you know what Google Cache is? Sree is very proud of the fact that he has been using Google longer than Sergey and Larry.

11:11 - Sree sez: "Please be careful when you see press releases from Patsy Cline that say Satire on the top of them."

11:14 - Bob Drudge good. Matt Drudge bad.

11:18 - Help for mathematically challenged journalists. FECInfo, OpenSecrets.org, and FundRace.org. Sree gets misty-eyed: "We have a right to know who is backing our candidates."

11:27 - Sree sez: DO NOT misquote from the Bible. And get yer stats right.

11:30 - Sree drops misunderestimated. Time for a smoke break.

11:36 - Sree sez: "This site will change your web surfing life." Also: "If you're going to procrastinate, do something useful."

11:40 - Sree luuuvs Instapundit.

11:45 - Who represents, Whore Presents, find a flack.

11:48 - Sree sez: "If you haven't been using Google since 1998, you've been behind -- you've been wasting time." The shame of it all! Question: Sree, did you get any pre-IPO options? If there was a Church of Google, Sree would be the Pope. If Google were the Yankees, Sree would be Sheff. If Google were the New York Times, Sree would be Barry Bearak. If Google were a free search engine, Sree would be...Sree.

12:03 - Sree is Google-stalking Cher. Sree makes an eliptical reference to critiques of Google, but no link. Start here.

12:12 - Sree asks: "Is Google God?" Sree you big kidder. Sree sez: DO NOT use "I'm feeling lucky" -- it will waste your time. "We're talking about nanoseconds here, but over weeks and months it adds up." Sree -- Defender of the nanoseconds.

12:20 - Just Googled myself. Now trying to reconstitute the shattered fragments of my self-esteem.

12:27 - Leaving Google thank God. But not before Watching Google Like a Hawk. Sree insists that he did not get in on the IPO, but admits that if he got 5 cents for every person he's converted over the years he'd be on a beach in Mexico. I think Sree just needs a vacation.

12:33 - Someday, Sree will be on the top of this list. Sree translates his website into spanish. But how does Sree work? Sree Google-stalks Phil Donahue.

12:39 - Sree's cousin's friend woke up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney then tried to call the cops on a payphone. When the phone didn't work he tried to get his quarter back but got pricked by a dirty needle. Verifying at Snopes.com.

12:48 - Sree destroys the white male media phallostructure! Power to the people!

12:52 - Sree bows at the alter of Jim Romenesko, but is a little less flattering about "a guy in his apartment in Los Angeles." Sree sez: "I'm not saying Drudge is accurate, but I visit him every day." Sree plugs a former student. Sree plugs the indispensible Memory Hole.

1:01 - Sree calls Gawker "snarky" and a fissure opens in the space/time continuum. Sree talks about bloggers. Sree mercifully releases us into the great beyond.

Sree rulez.

Cooper: "Scooter's My Source."

So was Cheney's chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby the source who outed Valerie Plame? Inquiring minds want to know... An update on the whole dealio.

The reporter at the eye of the storm, Time's Matthew Cooper, says that he has been released from his confidentiality pledge to Libby, thus allowing him to testify.

NYT media reporter Jacques Steinberg outlines how the case threatens to "undermine what reporters have long regarded as their constitutionally protected privilege for shielding their sources."

Vanessa Leggett of the Houston Chronicle warns that this case is "about every American losing a significant measure of freedom."

So was it Libby, as many have suspected, who named Plame as a covert CIA operative? Paging Mr. Novak...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ode to al sistani's peace plan

He back in Iraq
And he aint taken no slack
Cuz he be the mac
Of the whole the Shite pack

-by cailin anne johnson (M.C.)

Gay Talese Has an Over-Read Feature Story

Since we're learning about features lately, I thought I'd keep with the theme:

• “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,” By Gay Talese, Esquire magazine, April, 1966.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Sunday's Public Editor column

...is worth checking out if you didn't.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


What's the verdict on this article? Personally, I think anyone who uses the word "semaphore" in a news story, strained though the term "news" may be in this instance, should be drawn and quartered. Then again, he did manage to get "party-ing-est" into the New York Times.

UPDATE: Gawker is not amused, as well they shouldn't be.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Swing dancing.

I cannot swing dance. It is not my forte (imagine an accent above the e, please) However, there has been an expressed desire, so I thought it my duty not to with hold this invitation from my class mate, Elva.

Dear RWI-mates,Cathy & Jen had said they were interested so here's an invite to thewhole RWI class:"Ron Allen's Harlem Renaissance Orchestra will be play every Mondayat Swing 46 for the month of August. Swing 46 is located at 349W.46th St. btwn 8th & 9th Ave. For more information, call:212.262.9554 or visit: www.swing46.com."Anyone interested in checking it out let me know. I'll be there thisMonday night. The web site is awful so I can't tell if there is acover but I think there is. Music from 8 - 11 so it's an earlynight, too.cheers,elva

double cheers,

Lead of the day

"Transparently mercantile," no less.

Thinking about smashing windows or overturning cars during the Republican National Convention? Think again: that will cost you a discounted buffalo chicken salad from Applebee's or a cheaper ticket to see "Tony n' Tina's Wedding."

Runner up:

I NOW live in a parallel universe.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

why we hate wal-mart

Damn the Sam Walton man...
Wal-Martian Invasion

by Barbara Ehrenreich
Tuesday, July 27, 2004, NY Times

It's torn cities apart from Inglewood, Calif., to Chicago, and engulfed the entire state of Vermont. Now the conflict's gone national as a presidential campaign issue, with John Kerry hammering the mega-retailer for its abysmally low wages and Dick Cheney praising it for its "spirit of enterprise, fair dealing and integrity." This could be the central battle of the 21st century: Earth people vs. the Wal-Martians.

Wal-Mart Funds J-School Students

Seems perennial bad-publicity magnet Wal-Mart is trying to burnish its public image by creating scholarships at various J-Schools, including our humble outpost in Morningside Heights. Of course, it would be simplistic and crass to suggest that Wal-Mart is trying to buy good press coverage.

And earlier this month, Wal-Mart announced plans to award $500,000 in scholarships to minority students at journalism programs around the country, including Howard University, University of Southern California and Columbia University.

Light reading, part deux

• “Can J-School Be Saved? Professional Advice for Columbia University,” By Jack Shafer, Editor at Large, Slate, October 7, 2002.

Link to the J School forum thingie

For them that don't got it:


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday afternoon inside jokes

Ceramic dog condoms...

Friday, August 13, 2004

A little light reading

• “J-school Ate My Brain,” By Michael Lewis, Senior Editor, The New Republic, July, 1993.